Tuesday, June 7, 2011

progress - the linen closet

Yes, I cleaned out the linen closet today. I got rid of everything that was expired, weeded out the extra toothbrushes and unopened soaps that we won't ever use (and got them ready to donate to the women's shelter or the homeless shelter), and all the baby stuff that Raine outgrew umm... 6 years ago. Yeah. It did need it. That dust bunny? Well, it was a dust bunny, thank goodness, and not a mouse carcass or something even worse. Wiped down the shelves, and rearranged. Now, there's room in it. I won't say "again," because there's room in it now that there never has been until now. Patting myself on the back, here, yep. Maybe reading that book was a little helpful, after all. It gave me the advice to tackle something like the linen closet if you are having a hard time getting to other parts. Now, maybe I really can get to my closet.

Just so you know, though, whatever the combination of products was in the bottom of that one tub, it just wasn't right and it just wasn't natural. Soap and ??? It made a sticky, gelatin like substance, that should have been - but wasn't - soapy... nor did soap and hot water take care of it like I thought it would. The clorox wipes helped out, which put me onto the clorox clean-up spray, and they pretty much did the trick... but ewww. I should have taken one look at that gooey mess and put the lid back on the plastic tote, and toted it all out to the trash can.

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