Wednesday, June 8, 2011

with added exercise

This summer Raine has 3 things that she needs to do each day to help her "earn" fun activities. She has homework (got to keep practicing reading, math and writing), housework (she sweeps up real good, and takes out the trash, too), and yardwork (even at 100 weeds a day, there are still PLENTY to go around).

As you can tell, I've been doing some of those things, too. This evening, we worked on the crop of goat heads that are coming up out behind her swing set. The tomato plants are doing nicely, and putting on blossoms. (go tomatoes, go tomatoes). I've been reading and sharing with you, and even started the second book on simple living, today. (This must be the summer for reading non-fiction - which I almost never read, well, except for crafting instructions...) I've been busy working on one of those tasks that I find very easy to postpone, and evidently have for more than a year, now. Ouch. But the shredder has been busy today, and I've made good progress.

I've just been leaving one thing out. Exercise. Oh, I know that gardening, and housework can certainly be exercise, but, really, not enough. It is just too easy to be otherwise occupied. I talked myself into some laps at the indoor pool last week, kind of cringing while I waited to see if I would get sick again - and I did not. (yay) I would really rather do them in the outdoor pool, but Raine LIKES the indoor pool... sigh. Today, I just took off for a walk. It was good, and I've felt better all day for it. I knew I would.

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