Friday, October 7, 2011


What? It's Friday already? Where did the week go? Well? Where?

It has been a good week, despite having to get up at my usual time so I could get Raine off to school at her usual time. Didn't get as much cleaning done as I needed to (although there's always tomorrow) but I did get some done. So, not a complete waste.

On one of Ron's days off, we took a little road trip to City of Rocks, and had a really nice time. The wind was blowing, so it was cooler there than it was last spring break. Evidently they'd had significant rain as well, there were a few puddles here and there, and the road had been significantly rutted by run off. Once we got walking around, the wind wasn't bad and we warmed up a bit. Ron and Raine had a great time climbing on every formation they could, while I wandered around and took pictures and successfully didn't fall down and hurt myself. We all had a good time. Evidently it was pose like a superhero day... at least for Raine. Not only that, but Ron and Raine had a close call, almost being eaten by a huge rock fish. Whew.

We also went to a garb workshop for SCA at Dev's house. I almost got a tunic made for Raine. I pulled out fabric for a couple more. We are trying to be ready for the Ren Fair, which will be the first weekend of November. I think I'll be putting in some time there that weekend in garb (which is what SCA people call their period clothing). Hopefully getting to know some of the current SCA people here and in El Paso as well. Missing those who can no longer play.

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