Saturday, October 1, 2011

fall break 2011 - the plan

This week is fall break. We are officially one quarter of the way through our school year, now. It went so fast.

Raine has school this week, so we won't be taking of for parts unknown... or even known. Oh, well. I still have plans. First of all, I'm still working on my cleaning up my life - or at least my home - project. The living room is going to get some serious attention this week. I think it will survive, but things will be moved (and then cleaned under and all around). The bedroom isn't quite finished, but nearly, so I'll continue in there as well. Then the computer room, which I hope will be an easier job. At least to an extent.

The Christmas season will soon be upon us, so I've going to start on some present projects. I think some knitted and/or crocheted scarves will be on a couple of people's lists. If I get through with them quickly enough, I may even be able to work on a hat or something. I doubt if I'll get anything finished this week, but started? I hope so. Patterns picked and supplies supplied. Yeah.

Then, sewing. Roxanne and I will take our usual time tomorrow, and we'll work on a shirt or two for Carl. Ron and I have been working on a shirt for him this past week, and at this point it only lacks the sleeves being put in and the hem sewn in. OK, then it's Ron's job to put the snaps on where he wants. them. I think it is going to be a very good looking shirt. I'm very pleased with it at this point.

Ron and I have planned a couple of day trips this week, too. I'm looking forward to some family time and spending a couple of days together.

All in all, I'm really looking forward to this week, and I'm only sad that it just won't last long enough.

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