Monday, October 10, 2011

i say tomatoes

So, earlier this year, Carl and I decided we wanted to grown some tomatoes, and have some lovely home-grown tomatoes. Carl ordered some seeds, and little peat pots to plant them in and get them started indoors. The seedlings came up very nicely, then all laid over and died. Sigh.

The second verse was when we went to a local greenhouse and picked up a couple of variety six-packs, got terrible service and overcharged on every item we bought that day. Still we planted the tomato plants on the table planter that Ron put together for us, we watered the tomato plants, and we waited for our tomatoes.

And waited. And watered.

And waited.

Sometime in September, we got a few on the vines. They never got very big, and the never got very red, but they cracked and cracked. Then the ones that we did finally decide were "ripe" were still pretty green inside... if you would want to eat the cracky bits to get to the green, kind of tough insides.  Oh, and the leaves started to turn brown.

Now, the plants have all these brown leaves, even though I don't see what is making them do that, although by now fall will start making them do that. We have a few tomatoes on a couple of the other plants - a different variety - that I'm hoping will actually ripen and be good. I'm not sure how high my hopes are.

Brown thumb? Possible. (Have you seen my other plants?... exactly) Less than prime tomato plants paid for at a prime (+) price? yeah. Won't be buying from there again. I'm not sure that is or is not the problem. We had a long, hot, dry summer, and any of those factors could have played into our lack of tomato production.

Will we try again next year. I'm thinking we will.

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Vic said...

Plant them in pots and bring them indoors. Place where they will get some light but not get cold. My dad has his tomatoes plants in pots inside all year and gets lots of tomatoes. He also fertilizes and other stuff every few waters because you lose a lot of the nutrients as the water goes thru the pots.