Sunday, October 2, 2011

write more often

If I can't be right more often, I should at least write more often. Ha. I made myself laugh. Wait. Should I admit that? Is it pretentious? Is it crazy? Oh well. Really? I don't care. I will find amusement where I can.

My thoughts are going to be a little scattered, but here I am, writing anyway. We just had a little rain move through. Not much, but it was appreciated. Rain in New Mexico generally is. Even those little random showers that happen just like that one did. It is probably raining across the street now that it is done here.

We got a good bit of sewing done today, Roxanne and I did. We are sewing some shirts for my brother, Carl. Three of them in fact. That will make five for the year so far, which is not bad, since my goal was one every other month for him. We are doing one in a soft gabardine. It is white, since he will be wearing it for a wedding, and that is what color shirt everyone will be wearing in the wedding, and he'll be a groomsman. I'll be a bride's maid and we've already made my black skirt and when Carl's shirts are finished, we'll start on the women's tops. The gabardine is a little stretchy, and not as easy to sew as I would have thought it would be, but it is coming out OK. There was enough to make Roxanne a white skirt from it too. Added bonus. She can wear white better than I can. OH, I can WEAR it, it just doesn't stay completely white. Very long. So, usually I just don't waste the effort of it. One of the other shirts is a combination of stripes, one narrower than the other. Sometimes something like that just doesn't turn out right, even though the picture in your head says it ought to. This time, its looking GOOD! I'm really happy with it. The final shirt is a very soft and drapey fabric, mostly black with some white and black almost tribal geometrics in it. It looks nice. It will be such a soft and comfy shirt, but I worry about it holding together since the fabric is pretty thin. We're going to put some interfacing in the yoke as well as the collar and facings. Maybe that will help a little.

Tomorrow is Ron's birthday, so we will be going out for a little dinner and have a present or two. I'll be happy if I can get some curtain and window cleaning done before that. Maybe even a little bit of sewing. That or knit a bit.

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