Monday, October 3, 2011

monday cleaning - check

Today I started of with the living room window. That means taking the curtains down, the sheers and the opaques, and putting each set through the washer and dryer. Oh the cat hair. I think it has been more than a year. yikes. I moved all the knick knacks that usually sit in the window and washed them off, and wiped down the window sills and vacuumed.

The day was so nice after the rain last night that we opened the front door to let the cool, hint of fall air in. It is the door that we don't often use, but it has a screen door so the cat doesn't get out. We opened some windows and let the lovely breeze waft through the house. But then there was the space between the solid door and the screen door. Yeah, the one that doesn't get used much... like since last Halloween, probably.

There were a lot of spider webs there. And a dead spider near the top. Isn't that a black widow? Probably. And those would be egg sacs? ummm 3, no, 4 of them? Oh, that's not good. So not good. My usual way to deal with insects - yes I'm squeemish - is to spray them with bug spray and then vacuum them up. Out came the bug spray, and I pretty much spray the whole doorway. The threshold, the web (you know, 'cause it MIGHT come alive or something), the dead spider, everything. Then, I go put the spray away, but when I walk back towards the door, the spider is moving! Yeah, not as dead as I thought. ack! The door gets closed, post haste. Carl laughs and observes that the door might not be as much of a barrier to the spider as say, it would be for a dog or a person. I know he's right, but _I_ feel better with it closed.

I'm hoping that the poison took effect. I've arranged for a clean-up crew (Ron) for the doorway. I try not to say "ick" too many times in a row. Ick Ick Ick.


Fran said...


Good for you, but ICK!

Dina said...

Ron swept out the doorway this evening and disposed of the remains. Whew, a major lessening of the ICK factor!

Fran said...

We had a good-sized spider between our back door and the shop (formerly the detached garage). I didn't see it and walked right past it. Lillian pointed it out and then, bless her, she moved the web.

Now it's by the firewood. Guess who's not going to get THAT? Heh. Yay for Ron!