Sunday, October 23, 2011

shower seat

walk in shower
A few years ago, we did a major renovation/remodel on our house. Among other things, we added a second bathroom to the house (angelic music swells in the background at the mention of this addition... at least in my mind). This new bathroom has a walk in shower that is fabulous (more singing angels... yeah, that good). There is also a seat built into the corner. Ron tiled the shower (and the rest of the house, too), and did a really good job.

Unfortunately, the seat on that bench has enough give to it that the grout eventually began to crack. The tiles loosened, and finally, over the past few months, began to fall out. Not good. So. Not. Good. Carl called around, looking for an alternative to the tile. During this same renovation, we found a similar-to-corian solid counter top material, and we picked it up at a bargain because it was ends. We love it, by the way, and Carl thought he might be able to find something similar. No luck on line. Finally, he called a local stone cutter place that does counter tops. He gave the guy the measurements and said we weren't picky about color. He ended up with a deal. A cut to size deal, in fact.

New stone seat for the bench
The stone sat in the back of my car until Ron had time to work on the tiling, but last weekend, he went to it. He had a great idea of edging it, and creating a transition between the stone and the tile on the wall with a little coppery colored rounded edge piece. Here is the transformation. Thanks to both of them!


Fran said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I wanna take a shower there! And sit!

Dina said...

Well, you know you and Lillian are invited to visit...