Sunday, July 18, 2010

back to the

Grind? Well, not quite, but getting closer. I should stop complaining and be ecstatic that I have two more weeks. Other people only get two weeks. Period. I'm lucky to get two months. I've really enjoyed them, though. I've gotten some things done, not everything, but some stuff. I've enjoyed making things, and I'm extra glad that I made that a priority this year. It feels good. I've read books! woot! That feels good too, although I can tell my eyesight isn't aging well, sad to say. I've gotten to visit friends, and gotten cool stuff from other friends... THANKS FRAN!

So, I worked on some more lesson planning today, and will probably go work in my classroom one day next week, and another day the week after. If I make myself do it, then I will be oh so much happier on Aug 3rd and 4th, and especially the 5th, when the students start.

Then there is that pesky craft room, which I'm having kind of a hard time starting in. Short of just dragging everything outside, it is just kind of stymieing me. Well, that and no matter where I start, it's work! Darn that four letter word, and my laziness... look! a book!

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Fran said...

You're quite welcome. I figure with Cissy Spacek reading it, it's gotta be good.

Enjoy your two weeks, and your two months. You've earned them.