Tuesday, July 6, 2010

john's birthday

We took Shelbi home today. She would have stayed longer, she really would have. We had a blast. By we, I mean of course, Raine, Shelbi, and I. Ron and Carl, not so involved, although I know Carl appreciated seeing his niece, too. I would have kept her longer, but as the summer draws closer to its close, there are some other things I want to do, still. That, and I really, really, ascribe to the philosophy of "leave 'em wanting more" when it comes to visiting. If you still want to stay, you've had a good time, and you have a reason to return, and a positive feeling about returning as well. If you do all you could possibly do, then boredom - or worse - can set in. Finally, it was her dad's birthday today.

John is the one of us who always loved being on the receiving end of any gift giving.... not so much of a giver himself. Carl and I will call him or maybe I will remember to get a card in the mail or something. This year, we decided to all hop in the car and take John out for a birthday dinner, and visit a bit. We had a nice dinner in Truth or Consequences, then visited for a bit while Shelbi showed Raine around her turf. Shelbi got to show off some of her spoils, and then we came home. The possibility of Raine visiting Shelbi for a few days was even arranged.

Again, the "leave 'em wanting more" philosophy was attempted. (don't know how much more of us John ever wants, but, eh) Still, one more successful chapter in my book of this summer.

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