Thursday, July 15, 2010


Raine and I have had a really good time, here in Tucson this week. It has gone by so fast, and I can hardly believe that it will be Friday tomorrow, and time for us to return home.

We've visited, and laughed, and swam, and shopped and sewed and crafted. I took the girls to pick beads, and then they made some really beautiful necklaces. Really beautiful. Steph and I made a pair of tights for Sedona that have zippers at the ankles. Fun! Steph finished a dress for her younger daughter that is really cute and has Tinkerbell all over it. She did a nice job on it. I showed Steph how easy it is to use the Serger. I had to learn it, and now I must pass it along. I should - of course - interject "then the girls swam" between each of these projects. Really.

We did other stuff too, though. Bowling was a good sollution to the Tucson heat one afternoon. Dispicable Me was, too, another afternoon. Really enjoyed that movie, and recommend it. I saw a few movies that I hadn't seen before, like Julie and Julia, which was good (and then Iron Chefs did the butter challenge today...). The Hangover was one I hadn't made any effort to see, but it was more entertaining than I thought it would be. Oh, yeah, then the girls swam. Raine, also got to ride a horse a couple of times, too. And we played spades one evening, and had a blast with that, even though Steph & I lost.

With good friends around, it doesn't take much for a good time to ensue. I wish Ron could have come to partake, but he was doing the responsible thing, and I respect him for that. Of course I will be punished for having fun without him... ahhhh, but hopefully that will make him want to come too, next visit. More regular blogging should resume shortly.

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