Friday, July 23, 2010

organize back on the list

At the beginning of the summer, I had organizing my craft room as one of my goals. One that kind of got usurped by moving our computer room and trading it for Raine's room. In the process of that move, those two rooms got cleaned more than they had been in, well, a while. Kind of frightening, to say the least.

In some ways, doing that switch kind of used up my desire to move the craft room around. It was work, after all, sorting, shifting, cleaning. In other ways, it made me want the work done in the craft room even more. I mean making it more organized makes it more usable. And I like to use it, and would like to use it even more.

The purging of the two rooms we worked on felt good, too, and the craft room definitely has boxes that need to be sorted and stuff that can be gotten rid of. It kind of ended up as a storage room when we moved back in, and just hasn't ever been truly set up the way it should be. What's more, it definitely needs to be cleaned. Everything moved and swept under and behind, you know, the whole works. It will make me feel so much better when its done, I know it will... still, it's, you know, work.

It kind of had gone back on the back burner. I made a step in the right direction today, though, with a set of shelves that has a lot of bins on it. The bins are different sizes, and I think putting the stuff for one craft or another into each will help them be organized and easy to find. Help me to have a place to put everything, so everything can go in its place. Don't know if I'll work on it hard enough and fast enough to get it done before school starts again, but I'll take a step in the right direction when I can get one.

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