Wednesday, July 21, 2010

is it stress?

Oh, sure I'm still on vacation, but the closer the first day of school gets, the more stress I feel. Yep, those stress dreams where I can't find my classroom, and the kids are there waiting for me while the principal is standing out in the hall, which by the way just seem to be getting longer, and is this really the right building? Yeah, those are right around the corner.

What arrived this week, is emotional upheaval. I don't like to go into details, as its mostly whining and too much information. It will get better, it always does. It won't be pretty in the mean-time, though. It never is.

Fran, I hope your migraine subsides and you don't lose another day to it... there are so many better and more interesting things to lose a day to...

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Fran said...

Appreciate the thought, but I did and am losing today. Bit by bit.

If you want to rant in an email to me, feel free. Sometimes just getting it out of your system helps.