Wednesday, March 23, 2011

city of rocks

It turned out to be the perfect day for a day-trip out to city of Rocks, today. Good thing, too, because that is where we went. Thanks to the walking and swimming that I've been doing lately, I climbed and hiked around the big rocks without too much trouble. There just isn't much to do for my lack of depth perception and grace, so I took it slow and easy, but I went!

The kids (Raine and her buddy, Ezekiel) had a great time climbing around and exploring. We peered around corners, and into crevices. We found some interesting shapes in the rocks, and got to look at some of the places that had been used as matates - known as Indian bowls. We even saw a couple of lizards enjoying the sun.

Its hard work holding those rocks up... All that and a picnic, too! Definitely a good day!

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Fran said...

I have always loved the City of Rocks, and it's great to see Raine and Ezekial enjoying it as well. And yay for you and your exercise allowing you to have fun too!

Thanks for the pictures -- they're grand!