Monday, March 28, 2011

a new item for my list

Today was the first day of the last nine weeks. The first day back from spring break. Frankly, it seemed like a double Monday.

I had to go the the Dr, for a follow up visit from my most recent sinus infection, for which I'm still taking antibiotics, but feeling oh so much better. That meant I was late to work, but since I have prep for first period, that did not require a sub. Still, I walked into the building as the bell was ringing to end first period, and basically had to hit the ground running for the day. I think my students had a hard time readjusting to school as well.

Still, I had an idea, as I was walking around the classroom, letting them know what their grades would be on their report cards, and encouraging them for the new nine weeks. I should make a little something to give to my best students at the end of the year. I know genius, right? And I'm sure I'm the first person to have ever thought of it, too... not. Well, anyway, there have been - and will continue to be - challenges this semester, but there have also been some successes as well. Anyway, I may make up some reward categories, and crochet my little hook off making some amigurami to give away. I got a book of patterns last year, and have not taken the time to make any up. Well, that's a gonna change!

Also, I mentioned that I had started the book, Soulless. I'm really liking this book! I find it hard to put down, and easy to get lost in. My favorite kind.

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