Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday sewing

Since I didn't get to go sew with Roxanne on Sunday, we took advantage of spring break and got together today. We worked on a couple of projects, including measuring her mom for some skirts and tops we want to make for her. Look for some of these garments over at Createlivity, soon.

One of our goals for this year is to get quilts made for both Roxanne and I. We looked through several of the quilt books that my mom left me, and found a pattern that we both liked, and didn't look too hard or complicated. Then we started cutting out squares, larger and smaller and sewing them into blocks. Each quilt will be 10 blocks by 12 blocks, with framing around each block (to help even things out). I've included a picture of some representative blocks that we've finished.

We also finished the jacket for a dress and jacket set for Roxanne. The dress is sleeveless and the jacket makes it look a little dressier, and adds sleeves. It is almost a bolero-esque jacket, being cut short, but we used a princess seamed body on it so it would have shape. I think it turned out really well. Roxanne looked very nice.

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