Tuesday, March 8, 2011

wild wild west con part two

The authors.

Several authors who write in the Steampunk genre attended the convention. One of the events that Ron and I enjoyed the most was "Tea with the Duchess," which was in the saloon at Old Tucson. Each of the authors read some from one of their books while we ate cookies and drank tea. We also scored a copy of one of the books, signed even.

As you can tell, each of the authors had their own version of Steampunk garb. Fun, huh.

The pictures are almost in the order of the readings. Although not the first reader, I think the first picture is of David Lee Summers. The first reader (second photo) was O.M. Grey, who gave everyone a signed copy of her book, Avalon Revisited. The other authors were Cherie Priest, who wrote Boneshaker (which I enjoyed reading), Nick Valentine, Gayle Martin and Elizabeth Darvill.

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