Monday, April 25, 2011

another shirt for carl, etc

One of the things on my sewing list is to make some shirts for my brother, Carl this year. He's a big guy, and finding shirts to fit can be a challenge (thank goodness for internet shopping) and expensive. Making shirts for your brother is a nice thing, and he'll even wear the shirts I have fun finding fabric for, like the coffee bean shirt.

My goal this year is to make a shirt for him every 2 months, and with that in mind, Roxanne and I have been sewing one up. We got it constructed, and now it need hems and buttons and button holes. It is a nice soft, lightish weight denim, and there was extra, so we did what we always do, made something out of the extra.

Since summer is quickly approaching, we made shorts for my daughter, Raine, and her grandson, Landon. Here's Landon, modeling his. It was the first time we had used that pattern for the shorts, and they came out very well, with nice front patch pockets. We'll be using it again this year, I'm sure.

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