Tuesday, April 19, 2011

homework solution?

See, Raine won't turn in her homework. She does it, because we pay attention to that, and she has to sit down and do it. In the morning, on the day it should be turned in, most of the time I'm good about getting it in the folder, and into her backpack so that it gets to school. The problem is that it spends the day in her backpack, and makes the trip home again.

Over the weekend, I had a brainstorm, though. Each day she brings that homework home again, she has to work on it some more. Add to it, revise, whatever happens to be appropriate. She tested it, of course, because that is what she does, and she was not happy to have to work on that work that was already "finished."

Know what? She turned it in.


Oxford Collar said...

Bam you got her didn't you. Ooh you just know she's in a world of hurtin'.

Fran said...

Brilliant! Just brilliant!