Sunday, April 17, 2011


Version two got finished today, and Raine was pleased. Ezekiel, her best friend, was rather jealous (which - should I say it? - also pleased Raine a little). They looked through the book, and used their wonderful imaginations and worked on drawing up some more robots for me to crochet. So pretty good ones, even. I'll have to put some thought into how to execute them, but good robots!

Anyway, I got some felt that I had been missing for decorating some of the robots. And I picked up the coolest coiled paperclips, which I thought were perfect for a mechanical decoration.

Since Roxanne was off at a conference, we didn't sew today, so I'm happy I had little robots to work on. Especially since I was itching to go fabric shopping, even though it isn't in my budget, and my stash is still bulging. I did pick up some new yarn, though, that I have been wanting to try out on these little guys. Its the I Love This Cotton line, and its a smoother yarn than what I have been using, but still soft. I started a little robot head with it, and so far I like it. Dunno if I like it SO MUCH more than the other, though... I'll finish up the new robot and take a household poll on it.

I keep wondering how I would like having an Etsy shop... how much work I would eventually feel like it was to keep up on, and whether or not I would be able to fill it with original work. For example, I wouldn't feel right making and selling the amigurumi from the crobots book, even though I would give them away all day. I just don't know how many original patterns I want to keep track of... Or how much merchandise in general I would want to keep up with. Then, if I DO get that going, I'm really going to have to work on my closeup photography skills, and actually use my tripod...

Oh, and I'm now reading the third in the Alexia Tarrabotti series, Blameless. Finished the second book, Changeless, on Friday. They each seem to stand on their own very well. They are enough different from each other to keep my interest going. I want to see what the heck she is going to get into next. Read them!

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