Friday, April 15, 2011

friday works miracles

The pissy pants are back in the closet, put away in the back, where they are muffled a bit. They ARE pretty loud, after all.

I worked on pruning back my oleander today, and got it about half done. I did find some green shoots, so it isn't completely dead, just about 90% dead... and of course, being my father's daughter, I had to poke my arm on some branch or another so I could make the requisite blood offering. Sigh.
I was happy to see the whole thing wasn't dead. There are some pretty large branches that will have to be trimmed, though, and my clippers won't get them done, I don't think.

There has been some progress on the springbot. I made a second prototype. This one is a little bigger than the first, since that was some of the feedback I got. The color also changed to blue, and that is an approved change as well. The biggest change is that the legs are crocheted, then wrapped with wire to make a "spring." While this does help the robot stand better, it doesn't quite have a satisfying spring effect, so more modification will be in order. Here - however - is the latest version... unfinished.

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