Sunday, April 10, 2011

crafty weekend

It has been a pleasingly crafty weekend. Besides the amigurumi I posted previously, I got several others done, which I shared on facebook, which was fun. I finished the zombie bot, and did one called mechanobot as well. A couple of the patterns include springs from retractable pens. I had some beading wire that I tried wrapping around the crochet hook (which is a pretty small one for these guys) and making my own spring. I think it turns out pretty well on both of these critters.

I got to sew with Roxanne, even though she had a paper which she needed to finish writing. These afternoons sewing are as therapeutic for her as they are for me.

I got there a little later than I like, though. Then, the serger just wasn't sewing right and I had to spend some time troubleshooting. Of course I had left the manual and the little bag of tools at home, so that didn't help. Still, I rethreaded it several times, and adjusted the dials a bit. I'm starting to learn which dial does what, which is pretty good. Finally we got started on the sewing. We worked on a shell and short sleeved jacket for her mom. The shell is done but a little handwork, tacking down the neck facing. The jacket just needed the closures, if her mom wants them. Once she tries it on, and has a chance to look at it finished we can decide on what we'll do about them. These pieces will go with the blue skirt we made two weeks ago. I promise, pictures when she tries them on for us.

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