Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Well, I got two very nice complements today on the top that I was wearing. Yes, I made it. No, I couldn't find a picture of it for you to see. It is one of those leaf-y prints that I seem to be attracted to, in browns, gold and a couple of muted greens. The sleeves and body of the shirt are gathered onto a squarish band at the neck. It's a fairly simple top, really, but it is a step up from the t-shirts that I'm mostly seen in on my days off. I'll probably wear it more often now :^)

I think we found the problem with the water heater. The lower element is the problem.. eww. It has corrosion and mold around it, and is tripping the breaker on the water heater so that it doesn't catch on fire. Yeah. lovely. But, we think, fixable. I'm hoping even the mold issue, as that may be the deal breaker on keeping this one, even. It is turned off for now, until Ron has time to futz with it tomorrow, or we call someone to work on it. Hmmm would that be a plumber or an appliance person?

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