Saturday, April 30, 2011

a lovely production

This evening, Raine and I had a "girl's night out." We met the women that I carpool with, and their daughters, for dinner and a play. We had an awesome time. Well, except for the negotiations about what Raine was going to wear.

Dinner at Dick's Cafe means a hamburger with green chile for me with onion rings on the side. For Raine, it means chicken strips and gravy, one of her very favorite meals at her very favorite place to have it. Friendship and conversation about nothing in particular topped off a lovely meal.

The play was a high school production of Annie. I know. But don't cringe, it was very well done! The talent was good, the preparation was evident, and the show was quite entertaining. They even had an orchestra backstage to provide the music. They were good, too. There were a lot of costume changes, and the costumes were done well as well. They even got a real dog for Sandy! Since it was done by a small Christian high school, they even included kids from the 5th grade on up. The theater was comfortable, but not too big. The sound was good, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

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Fran said...

And a real dog for Sandy is lovely, but I must brag and say that Ty as Sandy was an absolute scene stealer!

I'm glad you two had a good girls' night!