Monday, May 2, 2011

another crobot

I have been having such a good time making these things! Can you tell? I appreciate that the instructions are pretty simple, and the shapes have some commonality, so that once you do a few, you kind of know what to expect for the parts. Even with that, they are different enough from one another to feel like experimentation. I'm certainly not bored with them yet. In fact there are several of the patterns I want to make again with different yarn and decorations.

This one is called Bouncebot, which you might think would make him a little on the roly poly side, but he actually stands very well. The bottom layer flattened disk helps with that, I'm sure.

Thanks to Dev (Vic) for the sequin-y things, too! They really dressed him up nicely. I'm very happy with how he has turned out. How did your zombie bot turn out, Dev?!?!?

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