Wednesday, May 11, 2011

an itch to be creative

That's what I felt this evening. It was a welcome respite from the sunburn itch I've been feeling all day. (We got to stand outside in the sun for 3 hours for a bomb threat on Monday.)

I wanted to do something... creative! I had a crochet hook in my hand at the time, making the last part of the little crobot I've been working on. Experimenting on. Creating. But I wanted to do MORE! What an energizing feeling it was, too.

It is definitely nice to have something to look forward to for the summer, and I'm definitely looking forward to much making of things. I'm hoping I also get to work on my creating space some in a meaningful, cleaning and organizing way. That tends to fall by the way when work gets going each school year.

I mention it, though, because I'm also ready to purge. I'll start in my classroom. I'm pretty sure I'll be in a different room next year, so it's the perfect time to pare it down. My closet is going to get some serious work, too. I really don't like how it is set up right now. There is a good amount of space in there, but it isn't set up well, and it has stuff in there that really doesn't need to be there. In fact, some of it doesn't need to be here at all. That and the bedroom both need a thorough, deep cleaning. Then, the craft room, and the storage room. Yeah. I know, summer will probably be close to done by the time I get to those. Still, a person's got to have a goal. Here are some of mine.

So, you ask, how do those goals fit together with being creative? Getting rid of stuff so that I can find and reach my crafting supplies. Making room for spreading out projects, working on projects, and even putting things away when the projects are done. Yeah. Out with the junk. In with the good stuff.

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