Tuesday, May 31, 2011


That's what we made on Monday. Purses. Nice, tapestry ones, with surged edges to prevent ravelation. What, so I can't make up words? Yes, I took pictures, but the camera - and therefore the memory chip - is all the way in the other room *whine*.

So, I'll edit this tomorrow, and add a couple of pictures. *SEE?!?!? I did actually add some pictures of a few of the purses.

Today, Shelbi and I picked out some fabric for a couple of summer outfits for her to take home with her, if I can get them put together before she leaves. Cute fabrics, too. At least I get to sew a little girlie stuff for Shelbi, even though Raine won't have it. I still get to make cute stuff for Raine, just not girlie stuff.

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Fran said...

They're GORGEOUS! Thank you!