Tuesday, May 17, 2011

mini crobot

I finished my mini last night. Couldn't show you until I charged the camera's battery, though. All better now.

I think she turned out pretty well, with cute flower buttons on her head, and a stack of sequin hearts. She stands pretty well, too. It was my first experiment with the yarn, which is a very small weight. Can't tell you exactly what, because it was all unlabeled, from my stash. All the yarn wasn't even uniform size, but pretty close. It is pretty much embroidery type thread. I used a pretty small hook as well. I had to fiddle with the pattern a bit since the proportions weren't the same as the worsted weight that I was using on the other crobots, but it wasn't too bad. I kept the number of stitches per row, but had to increase the number of rows to get the right shapes.

I'll probably make a few more this size. I like it!

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