Sunday, May 8, 2011

sometimes the small things

This has been a pretty crummy week. Today was a pretty good day, though. Maybe I can keep my chin up through the rest of the school year. It's coming quickly to a close.

I brought home lots of papers to grade, of course, and didn't get through all of them. I did get a good many done, though, so that is a start.

I got to sew with Roxanne today. We finished some mending, and a shirt for Carl. I'm pretty much meeting a goal I had set for this year to make him a shirt every 2 months. The next one may be trickier, because I haven't gotten the fabric for it yet, even... I'll probably look for fabric for a couple so we can cut them out at the same time, and then work on them when we get there. We almost finished another top for Roxanne. Next week we"ll be working on quilts, I think, and cutting out some pieces for her mom. I'm going to do some sewing for Raine over the summer, for some school clothes for next year.

I feel good that I walked today. A nice long walk, even. It is so easy to not. Even when I know I like the way I feel better when I do. We went to Japanese Kitchen for dinner. Definitely a splurge in more ways than one, but, wow, they are just that good. Really.

So here's to some small things. Adding them up and giving me a little optimism back. Hoping it lasts through the week.

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