Sunday, May 29, 2011


Had a lovely time this afternoon, playing canasta. Since the kids got an offer they couldn't refuse of a trip to white sands, it was quiet in the house. I had planned with Roxanne to sew tomorrow instead of today, and I had washed some fabrics that I want to cut out tomorrow... or soon. Then some friends came over, and we played canasta.

The first game, my canasta partner and I won, but not by too much. The second game wasn't even close! When we went into the negatives that first hand, we knew it was a bad sign. We just got stomped! Know what, though? We had a great time anyway! We all laughed and joked and whined about crummy hands and had a really good time.

Carl made spaghetti sauce, and anyone who has had the opportunity to taste his sauce knows it is yummy. So, on top of a... well... entertaining - if not actually good - game of cards we had a delicious dinner, too.

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Fran said...

That actually sounds like tons of fun! Yay you!