Friday, April 8, 2011

lovely evening

With the time change, and the extended by one hour daylight in the evening, Raine has been having neighborhood play time every day this week. I'm for it, as there are quite a few kids in the neighborhood, including right across the street, and two houses down, and even catty-cornered over our back fence. It is one of the reasons I like the neighborhood, actually. Kids on bikes. Now, Raine isn't riding her bike yet. We haven't had, up until now, the all the other kids are riding theirs, and you aren't going fast enough reason for her to learn. I think the tires will get aired up tomorrow, though, and I'll bet she's riding it within the week. When she's ready, she's ready.

As for me, I got to have a little end of the week creative recharge. I got to catch a couple rerun episodes of Project Runway that I had not seen before. Remember I was resistant to watching? Yeah, missed a few seasons. While I watched, I got to work on the zombie bot amigurumi. He isn't finished yet, although he is constructed. Yes, that is a bit of stuffing showing at the top of his arm. No, its not supposed to be sewed on all the way, he's the _zombie_ robot... I got a new bag of polyfill that I opened up this evening to stuff this little guy with. It is ... well, odd, I guess. Kind of slippery or something. I'm not really sure how to describe my experience with the stuffing. It didn't want to stay in the body parts. I had to twist it to be able to stuff the little legs because this stuff just wouldn't go in the little cavities. I've never had stuffing do that before.

I also thought I would show off the space mouse, who turned out pretty well, I thought.

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Fran said...

Zombie poly-fill! With a life of its own but no brainzzz! How cool is that?

What a great Rockwellian image you painted there, of the kids playing around the block. That's absolutely grand!