Tuesday, April 12, 2011

back to crochet

Raine likes the crobots. You knew she would, didn't you. She has been telling me which ones she wants, and what colors I should use. I told her that I would make her one after I got done with the ones for my students, since I wasn't sure how long they would take, and I knew she would still be around after school was out.

She kept looking at them, and finally borrowed the book to look through. Then, she got pen and paper and drew one of her own. It is named Springbot. It has, as she put it, a TV head (don't forget the angry eyebrows, Mom) and springs for legs. She even demonstrated for me the placement of the legs, and how the bot would stand up.

Well, I got busy on him, since I had just finished one and they have been going pretty quickly. AND I thought the one she came up with looked pretty good. Well, the crochet part went like a charm. Then I tried my wire wrapping trick for spring legs, but they just weren't stiff enough. Carl suggested that I do a little wider wrap and insert the smaller spring inside the larger one. That is better, but still not quite... right. I think I am going to have to try this one again, and crochet some legs and wrap the wire around that. Or else, I need to get a stiffer wire. Or maybe find some springs to just attach. Still... here's how it all looks so far.


Fran said...

So Raine's the concept gal and you're the R&D prototype one? Sounds like quite a partnership. Love "Springbot"!

Dina said...