Tuesday, November 8, 2011

coat building

Over the past few months, Ron has been building a coat. It seems he has a talent for that, as this is the third coat he's worked on. The first one, was a period coat that we made out of wool. We started it while we lived in Colorado where - you know - it gets cold. We created it by looking at pictures of the coat he modeled it after, making a mock-up, and then creating a coat. I thought it turned out pretty well considering it was the first coat experience for both of us.

The next one was also a period type coat (although a different period). We made that one out of denim. It wasn't as heavy weight as the first, but still a little warm for our weather.

This coat is more of a jacket weight, and a design from Ron's imagination. It looks rather industrial/military. He constructed the main body without my help, but I have been assisting in the detailing. We worked on shoulder patches and straps for buckles. There are a lot of those, so they will take a little while to finish. The coat is going to look awesome when it is done.
strap & buckle placement

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