Saturday, November 5, 2011

windy ren faire

The day was windy. Blustery and cold, in fact. There weren't as many people thronging through the booths as there usually are. I was happy to be there, though. Happy that the SCA was present and included. I knew going in that it wouldn't be the experience "of old," with my familiar friends to make the day. Still, it seems that several people from that time made a special effort to show up. Many - like me - have not played in a while, and are testing the waters again.
Dev & Shannon

The cold was rather biting, and after being out in it for several hours, tiring. Of course we were not all bundled up like people in some parts of the country would be. It's southern NM, and the temperatures should still be about 80 during the day...

bundled up
But they aren't, this year. There was a fighting field, and a few tents, and we walked around to check out everything, as we usually do.

It was nice to see old friends. And Raine even braved the cold for a trip around the pond in a canoe.
canoe ride

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Fran said...

Oh man, I remember some cold Ren Faires where Lou and I agreed that we were NEVER gonna get warm again! I'm so sorry it happened this year, but I must say, you guys look GREAT! Thanks for stepping up and making it happen!