Sunday, November 13, 2011

this sunday cut it out

This year is a make the gifts Christmas for me. Roxanne, too. I don't think that is a bad thing. the time and effort and creativity that goes into made gifts makes them - to me at least - worth much more than spending the amount for supplies would otherwise get. Sometimes, we can even find the supplies in what we already have.

Take, for instance, the footie pajamas that I cut out at Roxanne's today. I cut out three pairs of pants, and one shirt from some flannel that I'd had in a box for a long time. We'll use another piece out of some more that I've had even longer. We'll applique a monkey on the pair for Landon, because that is what he's been asking for. Kelly & Tyler will also get some kind of applique so they can tell their jammies apart.

The pattern is a relatively recent find, and has two piece footie pajamas, not just the one piece jumper kind. Yeah, the kids can pull the pants up and down for ease of going potty. Important for young children, I think. Old people too, actually, but I won't be making either of us footie pajamas because that pattern only goes up to a size 6, darn it!

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