Monday, November 28, 2011

games and fun

Raine and I did a little bonding the past couple of nights. We played Monopoly. Well, the Pokeman version of Monopoly. Considering all the time she's had the game, even before she was ready to play it, and playing different "kid" versions with her friends and her cousin, it was amazing that only a few of the property cards were missing, and we easily took care of that with some hand written ones. Not a big deal.

So, we played until her bath time last night and left the game out to continue tonight. (I know, how awesome was that?) Tonight, right before bath time, we counted up to see who was ahead. It doesn't really matter who won by the points (even if it was me) because we both won. We had a good time playing, being silly, and going round and round that board. One of us even practiced some good math skills (and did a pretty darned good job with them, too).

Monopoly is one of those games that I like to play, but I hate to start because it can Just Go On Forever. I'm so glad she picked it out this time though, because we had a great time together, playing.

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