Sunday, November 27, 2011


Here we are at the end of the Thanksgiving holiday long weekend. I've enjoyed the time away from work. I managed to get pretty close to being caught up with my grading, and posting grades. I can print out lists of missing work for my students tomorrow, as we continue with our poetry unit.

Today we moved Carl over to Roxanne & Harold's house. There were 5 vehicles loaded up and emptied. It wasn't everything, but it was the major stuff. The big stuff. It is a good thing he works near here (at least for the mean time) so that makes it easy for him to come by after his shift and take care of some more of it. Then will come the cleaning, and the rearranging, which will mean (of course) MORE cleaning and rearranging... and it just goes on. The final goal will be - with all the cleaning and rearranging - that Ron will be moving back in. Then we will see the next step in relationship rebuilding. Actually, I think the cleaning and rearranging is part of that next step, so I hope it goes well and gives us a "fresh" start.

I managed to get sick over the break. Yeah, my old stand-by sinus infection. I realized about halfway through this week that I hadn't been taking any allergy pills, and by the time I realized, it was too late. Sinus infection is how my allergies let me know they are still around. Nice, huh.

Even with all that, I managed to get a good ways on my current knitting project. I'm wondering if they will all be done by the time they should get mailed for Christmas. I'm only on the second one of the planned four. Ahhh well. I should know to get started earlier, but I can never plan that far ahead.

At any rate, I'm thankful that things are progressing in so many areas. That life can change in a good way.

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