Monday, November 14, 2011

knit knit knit

Second present well under way. A little over a third of the way done, in fact. It goes fast and slow at the same time, each row taking only a few minutes to knit, but it takes a few rows to equal an inch, and this scarf is going to be about 6 foot, all told. And there are two more to go. At least.

I have to admit that I like the way this one is looking, and I hope the person who receives it feels the same way. The first one has roll up issues, and this one does not, which is a plus. (maybe I'm actually learning something along the way? hows about that?) The first one is still pinned out, in hopes that will train it not to roll up so much. Not much hope, really, but I'm optimistic. No. really.

Have to admit that I'm enjoying the making. Yep. I sure am.

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