Thursday, November 3, 2011

november ember ember

We had a good Halloween. It took us a good bit of work to get Raine's minecraft costume made, but we did it, and she enjoyed it. Limited movement and even more limited seating were involved in wearing it, but she had a good time. Even better because her friend Ezekiel came over to trick or treat with her. I love living here on Halloween. Our neighborhood has lots of families with young kids, and that is who we get for trick or treaters. Not even many teenagers. Maybe a third of the houses give out candy, and we are done by 8:30. We see Raine's friends and classmates, they get to see her as well. We all have a good time.
Halloween costumes, 2011

This upcoming weekend is our local Renaissance Fair. The local SCA group is trying to get involved again, and we are trying to pull it together again. There was garb making at Dev's this evening, and Raine and I went for a while. I taped Dev up to make a bodice pattern. When you want something to really fit YOU, get taped up and make your pattern from that. It works.

I also sewed up some pants, while Raine finished up her homework. Got to meet some people, that hopefully I'll get to know a little better at the Ren Fair. Looking forward to it, actually. It's been a while.

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Fran said...

I miss you guys. It sounds like you're having great fun!