Tuesday, April 13, 2010

another movie review

This past weekend, we took Raine, and went to see How to Train Your Dragon. Its had a lot of media hype, and McDonalds AND Walmart are featuring toys etc from the movie for sale. I was prepared to like it for Raine's sake, and cuteness.

It was much better than that, though. We saw the 3D version. With the dragons, and the flying, and the fire.... well it only made sense. Without too many spoilers, it is nice to see a kid's movie in which injury has lasting consequences, even if it is dealt with only superficially, pretty much. The bone I have to pick is that the concept was a bunch of Vikings, having sailed to some desolate and frigid island, must deal with the dragons who come raiding their village periodically. (not giving anything away, that is pretty much the introduction to the movie)... BUT, all the Vikings have SCOTTISH accents. BUH? OK, I must admit to an enjoyment of the Scottish accent under many circumstances. But (my brain tries to click through the nonsense of it) Scottish Vikings? I wish they had picked one and stuck with it.

Enjoyed the movie, though, a great deal. I enjoyed the imagination with which the dragons were portrayed, and the characters created. I enjoyed the voice acting and even the 3D effects. I would recommend this one as a big-screen effort.

You know, in case you were thinking about it.

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