Sunday, April 18, 2010

job hunting

No, I didn't loose my job. Nothing terrible has occurred. Still, I work in a school district that is at least a 30 minute drive from my home, and has a slightly - but frustratingly at times - different schedule than the district my daughter attends school in. Next school year, Las Cruces district should be opening a new middle school, and then a new high school the year after. So, once again, I'm preparing the packet that this district requires of employment candidates.

Have I mentioned how much I hate job hunting?

To me, the packet is redundant and maddening. They have an application to fill out, which is lengthy, but fine. Then, they want you to add documentation (OK, I don't mind proving that I have a license to teach, or provide transcripts), and a resume (this redundancy jabs its bony finger in my nerves) along with a letter of interest and letters of recommendation, and, and, and. Just to be considered? Just to take up space in a file? How about I file a resume OR an application, with a cover letter or even your letter of interest and then all the other stuff if you decide you might actually be interested in hiring me. How about that?

And then there is the interviewing process. I suck at this. It isn't that I lack experience in my job, or that I arrive inappropriately dressed. I'm not pretty, though, or thin, or particularly outgoing. No one interviewing me wants to take me to bed (Thank goodness). Oh, I know, all those personnel people will deny that is a factor, but... I'm competent, and a good worker. I'm intelligent, and literate and even occasionally articulate. I'm also rather reserved, though, with people I don't really know. I hate that "say what they want to hear" thing... use the right "buzz words," be on the right bandwagon... and there always is one, in education. Always.

So, big sigh, I didn't go sewing with Roxanne this weekend. She wasn't feeling up to it. I did do something constructive, though. I updated my resume, and my cover letter. I gave myself an attitude pep-talk, and decided that I needed the attitude that they should be recruiting me, and if I can carry that off, maybe they just will.

But that dog-gone application. Sheesh. I worked on about 2 pages of it, and that was all of it I could muster.


Fran said...

I hate that too, and the hoop-jumping is outrageous. But if you get the job, it'll make your life much easier. Keep that goal firmly in mind! I'd offer a letter of recommendation, but since it's been a decade since I taught, I doubt it'd carry much weight.

Vic said...

Good luck on your job hunt. The newspaper looked pretty bad for jobs in the school district here, they were talking about having to let go of 190 people.

Have you looked into the charter schools and christian school here in town.