Tuesday, April 6, 2010

weird dreams

I've had plenty, haven't you? Some that have pushed the boundaries of what conventional wisdom seems to say we should dream about. Once I dreamed that I was sleeping. Yeah. I must have been really tired that night.

Several times I've dreamed that I have died. Yeah, the wives' tale says that if you die in your dream you die for real. I'm here to tell ya, nope. I'm sure that those dreams help me deal with my personal fear of death, though, because they were not bad, scary dreams, beyond - you know - something killing me.

Last weekend, though, I hit a new weird. I threw up in my dream. No, I wasn't sick, and no, I didn't have to go throw up when it woke me up, and it did. But I had to think about both things for a bit, just to make sure. It certainly was rather unnerving. So you want to know what the dream was? Good. :^) There was more to it than just puking, just so you know before you start reading.

See, I was an archer... a really good one, in a epic battle for good against evil, with a company of archers who were also awesome. We fought in battle after battle, and finally helped win the war. We weren't the main characters in this epic, but we were some awesome assistance. Well, after the war was over, it seemed that a celebration was in order, and so this company of archers proceeded to drink me under the table... and I "woke up" to hurl. I must admit that although the majority of the dream was medieval-ish, the bathroom that I dreamed up was pristine porcelain, white and flush-able.

I know, I know, enough of talking about that for a while...


Dina said...

Yeah... I know, I just got it... (for all my SCA friends)... I dreamed about being a drunken archer... lol.

Vic said...

Hmmmm... I was just thinking... are you missing the SCA and your persona?