Saturday, April 10, 2010


I got Raine's socks knitted. She wore them to school the day after I finished them, even. I think that means she likes them. I thought they turned out well, considering all the practice I don't have (yet). One thing I feel like I need to work on with my knitting is to be more consistent with my stitch size. I think I did OK this time within a sock, but there are two of the things, and they are supposed to match... And speaking of matching, If both socks are made from the same yarn, (and these were from the same skein) then I consider them to be matching. I have read that some people want the same stripe in the same place, or as close as possible, but frankly, that isn't something that bothers me unless it is a wide stripe, and then, yeah, they should probably at least have the same colors at the toes.

I also finished as shirt for Ron. The fabric had been sitting around the house for a while after I noticed that he almost never wore the other shirts I had made for him, but he had picked out the fabric, and I wasn't really willing to use it for someone else. So, we talked about what kind of shirt he wanted, and this is the result. He put snaps on it, and I think they fit with the style.

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Fran said...

Cool on both counts! Well done!