Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday cutting out

Not much sewing today, but we got a lot of stuff cut out today. We have a family with a lot of little ones it seems. We counted 4 little boys 2 and under in the local extended family there are 3 others not much older. Roxanne's grandson is one of the 2 year olds, and she's been thinking of summer clothes for him. Today we cut out shorts. Shorts, shorts, shorts, shorts, shorts. Maybe 16 pair in various sizes. Still they are small and don't take a lot of fabric, or a lot of time to cut out. We got creative (of course) making some of the pieces large/long enough. They will be good, though, I think.

We also have some fabric for some shirts. Not as many, since t-shirts from Wal-mart are pretty cheap and easy, even if we want to embellish them. We thought that sleeveless, collar-less shirts would be pretty quick and easy, and not take much fabric. Makes me think about checking what bias tape I have, too. That makes quick work of arm holes. Necklines too, on occasion, although we will probably do facings, since they are sooo easy with the serger.

We also made some samples of decorative stitches so Roxanne can decide which one or two she wants to use on the tunic top she recently made. It is a beautiful jade green crinkly cloth and it looks fabulous on her. It will be even nicer with some decorative stitching. We're saving that for next week!

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