Friday, April 23, 2010

a sense of entitlement

I have one. I know I do. I know, now, with my adult point of view, that I am not entitled to - pretty much - anything. Well, basic rights, maybe, but... That hasn't stopped me from feeling entitled, though. Talking about housing last night reminded me of it, in fact.

When I was young, I think there were just certain assumptions that I had. The valiant knight on a steed swooping in to rescue me from - well, OK, I never needed rescue from much besides maybe teenage angst, I've been fortunate. Then there is the happily ever after, the white picket fence surrounding modest acreage (at least enough for a riding lawn-mower) and a house that is the envy of the neighborhood. Well, a house that is at least bigger and better than the one dear old mom and dad had. Oh, yeah, don't forget the great job. The perfect (or at least perfectly groomed) kids. And all I had to do to get them was - what - survive adolescence? hmmmm....

I think we can tell that I was clueless and naive at one time. Fortunately, I have gotten better. Oh, there are still times when I catch myself thinking something along the lines of "where is _my_ (fill in the blank)? The difference is that I do catch myself doing it, and give myself that mental shake so I can come back to reality. Sure, there ARE people who seemed to get handed things that I can't seem to reach even with all the effort I'm willing to put into it. Still, those people face other set-backs/issues/problems that I don't have to and don't want to deal with.

Generally speaking, I've come to terms with what I want, and what I'm willing to work for. I don't really need everything to be newest/biggest/fanciest, and I wouldn't really be comfortable if it were. Now look, I'm not crazy, I could be tasteless nouveau riche (if I'm spelling that French correctly) with the "best" of them if I won that 200,000,000 lottery jackpot. I just don't have any illusions that I am entitled to it...

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Fran said...

Where is my JET PACK! My personal one? Huh? I'm entitled to everything I saw on the Jetsons and in Star Trek, right?

I'm not? Oh. Well, maybe not, but it would sure be cool!

Maybe you'll win the lottery next week, though.