Monday, April 5, 2010


Today, Ron stayed home from work. I managed to get the work done for school that I needed to, and then we went out shopping, and to a movie. We saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. This is a wonderful piece of Tim Burton work, but it is not a kid's movie. It is dark, and entertaining, and very well acted. Not much of a surprise, there, I will say. Again, as typical for a Burton piece, the sets were oh, so spot-on, and the special effects were amazing.

Each of the live-acting characters in "Underland" had some cg effect on them... something too big. Something exaggerated, that gave him or her that fantasy feel. The growth effects on Alice - who never seemed to be the right size - were well done, too. I have a feeling that they did so well with those because the Lord of the Rings Trilogy showed how well it COULD be done. There was a wonderful message in the movie, as well. Something I have always missed in other versions of the story. (probably just me)

We saw the movie in 3D today, and - maybe its my generation showing - but I felt it to be fairly gratuitous. I have see other movies that I really have enjoyed it, but this one seemed... well, unnecessary. Enjoy the movie! I heartily recommend it, but don't pass up the 2D if that is what is near you.

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