Thursday, May 20, 2010

all is not well

...with my transmission.

I picked up my vehicle Monday afternoon, drove it to work Tuesday and Wednesday, but this morning, first gear went out. Fortunately (I think) it happened in town. That meant that I called Ron and woke him up so he would come and get me. He tried to drive my car, thinking he would deliver it to the shop, but we left it safely in the parking lot. I dropped Ron off at home, and stopped by the auto shop to let them know what had happened, and where to get the car. So then I was late to school on the last day of finals. Sigh.

Still we got through it, as will happen, and sent the students home for the summer. I've got my grades done, and the majority of the other paperwork for checking out tomorrow. I've also got a ride (friends are a good thing) all arranged for tomorrow... So looking forward to being done with that responsibility, and getting to the projects waiting in the wings.

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Fran said...

Ouch about the transmission, but ever so glad it didn't happen on the way there!

YAY that school is over!