Monday, May 10, 2010

puttering about

I enjoy a good day of puttering about. I can do this and that, go from one project to the next and then back again, and get a surprising amount done. At least its surprising to me, sometimes I feel like I get nothing done more often than not.

It has to be uninterrupted time, though, as I'm easily distracted from the tasks at hand. Probably that is part of the going from one thing to another, a little bit of interest here, and a little bit there. Beware of anything shiney.

Doing dishes this evening made me think of puttering around, as there are many times that dishes can be part of the puttering... and if the kitchen ever really gets cleaned, that definitely means puttering has been going on... a sink of soapy water here, another in a while.

As I think of the organization plans I've been making for the month of June, and the boxes I'll be going through, I hope that my puttering will not get too derailed, too often. We've decided that while Raine is visiting her grandparents, she'll be getting a new bedroom. We'll exchange the computer room, which is currently in the bigger bedroom, and her bedroom. She's pretty crowded in there, but I'm not looking forward to the computers being in there either, really. I shouldn't complain, but it would seem that I am. I'm sure once everything gets organized and put away. It will be fine.

Ron will be helping with that moving, though. Not so much puttering there, I think...

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