Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So the seminar today was informative and as entertaining as those kinds of things can be. The speaker, Stephen (I think) Krashen is a pretty well known researcher. His basic message was that poor kids aren't surrounded by books, while other kids are. If poverty is the biggest indicator of failure in school, the availability of books is the number one indicator of success. So, if we want our children and students to learn academic language, do well in school, and score well on standardized tests, we should surround them with books that are interesting to them, that are at a comprehensible level of language and encourage them to read, by giving them time and space to do it.

How can it be that simple? Why should it be more difficult? I love it!

Then, for the other shoe... On the drive home, through El Paso, I noticed my check engine light on, and my transmission light on. Well, crap. I pulled off the highway, and found a Pep Boys, and they offered me a $90 diagnostic. Since the little computer informed them my transmission was slipping, and they don't do transmission work, they waived the fee (thank you very much!) and sent me on my way. I had Ron call our local shop, and I made it home with no problems, but worry. So tomorrow, I hear the diagnosis, and the estimate, and I'm hoping for the best... I really don't want to spend a bunch of money on car repairs, who does? Still, I really like my car, and I don't want a different one, so if it is reasonable, and do-able, repairs it is. Big sigh.

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