Monday, May 31, 2010

new jammies

So Roxanne and I have a PILE of cut out stuff to sew together. Today when we got together, there was no hesitation on what we wanted to tackle first... our new summer jammies. Well, lounge wear might be a more accurate description. We had discussed what we wanted for new jammies, and come up with very similar descriptions. Short gown, with long shorts/capris to put on for hanging out. Well, we got what we asked for!

I found some knit fabric hanging around my house for who knows how long (one piece, my mom had gotten - we figured - on the order of 25 years ago) which made some for Roxanne, her grandson, and me. Score for cheap jammies!

I'm wearing mine right now, perfect for putting on after an early shower to wash off the sweat and whatever from working in the yard, and slaving over a sink of dirty dishes (OK, so maybe that isn't such sweaty work, but work with me here, folks...) I'm not taking a picture of me in them, so just deal with that. It isn't Christmas morning, and I don't need to scare anyone with thoughts of me in jammies.

Still, I'm pretty happy, and we actually had to throw away an empty serger thread spool. Yup, used it all up. Yay us!

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Fran said...

Jammies are personal, and if you're comfy and happy, that's really all we need to know! Enjoy!